Who is Jackee?


I am Jackee. That is what is says on my birth certificate Jackee not Jacqueline. Simply Jackee.

I am  full of opinions, fun facts and bits of wisdom.  I am the mother of four young adults (Ian, Jillian, Atticus & Jenna who married will with Brandon Day  and provided us with a grand-puppy, Colt and recently my grandson, Reese).  I enjoy time with those who encourage my trek to become the whole, healthy person God created me to be.

When I find something good I wants to share it with others… when I finds something questionable I wants to warn others- this may benefit you or drive you nuts.  The matters of my writing will run the gamut from books to TV to movies, kitchen helps to recipes, & personal insights to items that make my world a little happier.

I have been a teacher on and off over the past 29 years. My current gig is teaching sixth grade where I explained to the kids & their parents that I am a recovering dyslexic. Please point out errors (they will often be there) in spelling or grammar in a gentle way. Some may be due to typos, quick editing or ignorance.  What is wrong I want to fix & what I don’t know I want to learn.

May you find something in this site that brings a greater depth of insight or happiness to you life.