Be In the Moment (guest blog by Sheryl Siler)

ImageWhen I read Jackee’s blog post titled, Getting Your Inner Creative On I knew I just had to ask her if I could come on over and chat as part of my Spring Forward Blog Tour.

(note from Jackee: I am not as savvy in the ways of links… I will be going to my resources (i.e. Jenna & Brandon) to reformat this blog with all the links… until then enjoy the content.)

You see, a few months ago God spoke to me about Being in the Moment. Let me see if any of you can relate to my story.

I seemed to be always on Fast Forward. I had my “to do” list and there was never enough time to get everything done. My brain was constantly switching to other things on that list while I was in the middle of something else. I would wake up with “the list” popping up in my head, trying to figure what to do that day, in what order should I do it and is there anything missing?

Am I alone here girls?

I woke up early one morning, glanced over at my sleeping husband and thought “maybe I’ll stay in bed for a little bit longer…but my “to do” list. That is when I heard it…..

Be in the Moment.

Those words stopped my Fast Forward brain in a heart beat. I snuggled down under the covered and tried to just enjoy.

As I just relaxed and sort of let my mind go I was reminded of how many times my teenagers would come up to talk or ask a question, but my mind wouldn’t shut down on what I was doing for fear of loosing my place….what conversations would have happened if I would just “Be in the Moment“?

How much time was I wasting by not giving my full attention to the project at hand?

Be in the Moment

When I was with my family, friends or bible study group, was I fully there with them? Or was I thinking of the other things I should be doing?

Be in the Moment

So now that you have the background I have decided to focus on being in the moment this year and I wanted to share with you something our bible study group just did. We all chose a Bible Verse that spoke to us. We then proceeded to enjoy each other’s company while we flipped through magazines and cut out pictures and words that spoke to us and represented the verse we had chosen. Our goal was to create a collage poster we could hang up to help remind us of what God was trying to tell us. We took three meet-ups to finish our posters.

My three big “take-aways” from this creative project were:

1. God all had something to say to us all–all unique to us and our situations. As the girls shared what they had chosen, each verse fit each lady perfectly. God is good.

2. Even those who squawked that they weren’t creative—loved the process and the finished product! See we are all creative in our own way.

3. As we shared our collages and explained how each picture or phrased related to the verse and spoke to us, God used that to speak to us too. Priceless.

Let me share with you my collage.I chose Ecclesiastes 3:11 “He has made everything beautiful in His time.”


Spiritual Vision Board Example

I challenge you, be in the moment, grab a few girl friends and create! I have even written out a simple handout of helpful tips and instructions so you too can get a handful of friends or a bible study group together and Be in the Moment–Creatively! Just join the blog tour updates and you will have access.

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