Getting Your Inner Creative On


I want speak to the creative in each of us. It what God deposited and called out of each of us in Genesis 1:28  (amplified) “And God blessed them and said to them…fill the earth and subdue it (using all its vast resources in the service of God and man)…” Making the world beautiful and having it be a fruit of inspiration is innate to each of us.

Creativity is not limited to women or “artists”.

As I am hearing a lot of talk about the masculine and the feminine these days, it brings me to this teaching which has impacted me the most based on the fact the Adam and Eve were created in God’s image- male and female. That together we see a more complete picture of God’s attributes. That one complements the other. Yet, masculine or feminine traits are not exclusive to a gender. Each gender, being created in God’s image has access to either masculine or feminine qualities. Some qualities may have a stronger association with one gender or another, but is not exclusive to that gender.

Creativity is innate to both genders, though more often associated with the feminine. Its being expressed is key to a full wholehearted God designed life.

For example: a few weeks ago, I got away with a group of girls for a weekend. As a part of our time together, we created art (picture above) to express the word God had given us for 2014.

This time was rich in so many ways beyond the creative process of completing a work that both expressed the individual and the heart behind the message. We shared deeply as we worked. We expressed frustration with the process as things don’t always go as planned or execute as seen in the mind’s eye. We shared again the significance of the word and how it was already playing out so early in the year.  We wept, we laughed  and we encouraged.

We were creative.

Both genders have an universal drive to be creative.  This drive in us to express- to create an environment that feeds us. How it is expressed may vary: writing, performance, music, art, cooking, gardening, etc. Each expresses what is in us.

Let me speak to what I know. Women have bodies made with a natural ability to create as seen in pregnancies and babies. In women it is also expressed daily in others ways, such as how we decorate our homes, our children, ourselves.

There is a core part of our identity that wants to create something of beauty or real significance. This creative part is easy to set aside for the urgent, practical and socially more accepted. It calls to us only to be put in the queue for “later”.

The opposite of depression is expression.  There seems to be a tie-in for some people between creative expression being dormant and it having a negative effect on their body. Basically, when we suppress what God create for us to do the enemy uses it in a negative way.

This prompts the question: when the need to create is trapped in the body, does it damage us?

My friend, Amy (who inspired this blog with much in sight on the need to create), told me of two testimonies that support this theory: when dormant creativity is awakened and expressed physical healing can occur.

The first concerns her mom. A very creative person by design, who lived in survival mode for several years which did not allow the creative in her to be expressed. She was diagnosed with a large cyst that required medical intervention. Thankfully between the time of the initial diagnosis and the removal, the cyst there was significantly smaller. What had changed? Her mom began to express the creative part of her again. She has continued to stay true on the path of expressing her creative through dance and writing.

The second is of a neighbor who has been diagnosed with a cyst in the reproductive organs. She asked Amy to reference An More Excellent Way to see what could be the spiritual root of the medical issue. A lack of creativity was a big component. This woman began to do the art she had set aside years before. The cyst went away as confirmed by her doctor, who was a bit confused by it. The neighbor is confident the healing was related to her engaging and expressing in the creative within.

I am not saying “if this then that” here. I am not saying if you have a cyst and start to do creative things it will get smaller or go away or that An More Excellent Way is the absolute answer to health issues, but submitting testimonies. Period. Testimonies.

Is the creative in you calling to be let out? Are you already walking it out? Are you looking at things you do you once considered routine and seeing the creative bent to them? Have you always been faithful to express your creative self? I hope so…