Spring Has Sprung

In the belief that spring as sprung, as evidenced by the “spring forward” coming this weekend and spring break teasing educators and educatees, may I suggest some things to do to make memories while entertaining the kid?.

If traveling many cities have zoos & various museums your family may enjoy. Should you have a membership to local zoos and museums you can see what other venues will honor that membership. By doing this we saved a lot of money while providing great entertainment for our family.

Library Scavenger Hunt

  • You will need a way to take pictures and record- smart phone, tablet, well charged laptop… or go old school with a camera and cassette player.
  • Please go over library etiquette- walking, quiet, respectful and aware of others.
  • And please show them how to mark where they took the book and re-self it. Have them practice a few time while you watch. The librarian at the checkout desk should be able to point you to their “book holders”.
  • Give a set time limit and meet up place.

Each person needs to find the following items.
* picture of favorite picture book
* (if a reader) read a page or two and record your voice
* a book whose cover is the same color as your shirt
* a book written by an author that has their first name.
* the encyclopedia that has the first letter of their first name (explain how it is old school Wikipedia with more accurate information).
* a person reading
* the  underneath side of a table
* book, magazine or news paper not written in English- double points if not Spanish
* take pick of own  feet while standing on step stool
* biggest book they can find

Alphabet Zoo Book
The zoo is a favorite place for most families to hit. The Fort Worth Zoo is wonderful but a mass of people on half price day- so unless you budget needs a break and you have the patience of Job, consider going another day.

  • You will need a way to take pictures and a list to check off when you have an animal for that letter of the alphabet.
  • Pretty simple- take a pic  of an animal for each letter of the alphabet.
  • When at home use an app like Diptic to but the pages together.

Families Picnic
Gather up some families and meet for a day of picnicking and old school outside fun… maybe even set up teams.

Bring chairs, coolers, blankets and enthusiasm.

Here are some games you can play. Most require some equipment and maybe a search on Google to remind yourself the rules or how to set up.
*Hop Scotch
*Jumping rope- two to turn for the jumper in the middle.
*Three legged race
*Mother May I?
*Sack jump
*Duck, Duck, Goose
*Horse shoes
*Bubble gum blowing contest
*Wheel barrel race

Please add other suggestions… and enjoy the week off.