Where Everybody Knows Your Name


Having taken on the 30 days of blogging challenge, I find my self wondering what on earth will fill the 30 days? What will motivate me to write this day? Pondering these thoughts as I walked into the KellerISD auditorium, where I am  greeted by big waves and my name being said by the women I have done water aerobics with the past 14 months.  And I knew what to write about…

I joined the class last January to help rehab post bunion surgery. Let me tell you it was worth it. In just one week my foot was more flexible, less swollen and had more endurance. I knew I was sticking with it.

I knew the movement was good and it fit my schedule well. But what I didn’t know was the community of women (and one man) would be a treasure in themselves. The ages have range from 23 to 92, but most days I am the young one. (Enjoy it on the days I can.)

We celebrate together. We have them days- Duck Dynasty, Halloween, Christmas, Hawaii, Red for heat awareness. Pink for breast cancer awareness, etc. We know about each others kids and grand kids and great-grand kids. We support through replacements, breaks, preemies, weddings and cancer.  We live life together Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 to 10.

Let me introduce you to a few. Mike is the husband of Judie and our “token male”, good spirited and quick with a smirk to punctuate the girl talk that happens when we forget he is there- think strong silent type. Judie is always engaging and has a smile that goes all the way to her eyes.  Lynn is a faithful overcoming who greets you with your name (and I am always blessed by a good hug and kiss on the cheek. I mean it when I say it blesses me, it truly touches my heart to receive this nurturing form her.) Maurine is spunky and fun. The girl can cook!  She is the person who wrangles up her girlfriends for seeing movies and then gives me the review. I have come to trust her reviews.  Barbara is faithful and has been coming for many years. She even has her special playlist of big band music. She is a central care give to many in her life and brings Ruth our 92-year-old member (who doesn’t come on Wednesday because she would miss Bible study). There are others who are equally beautiful inside and out.

But Anna, amazing Anna. Our fearless leader and biggest cheerleader. She has been teaching this class for years. She has overcome a lot in her life one of which is cancer. She loves the Lord, her family and we, her people. She knows each of us and speaks to each personally. She is our hub. You will know her if you come to our class. She the one at the end of the pool smiling to beat the band and waving at you…