Sometimes You Gotta Laugh!!


Some days you gotta laugh…

There are a group of friends I love to hit movies with because we all will unabashedly Laugh Out Loud!  Sometimes to the chagrin of the others in the theater. (We believe the people around us wish they were having as much fun!)

So for the days you just need a good laugh, I offer these links. Hoping you find unexpected to be a key to a really good laugh. The following are videos from movies and episodes that made me truly laugh out loud. I hope you enjoy them too.

Disclaimer: sometimes more context is needed to fully enjoy the scene and the humor valued by one is not understood or irritating to another.

Warning: a really good laugh can lead to the unexpected and unattractive- tears streaming down your face and snorting.

Five LOL moments

As a Big Bang Theory fan, this is one of my all time favorites- Bazinga!

This Seinfeld episode “The Lip Reader” is a classic. This clip gives you an idea. Sadly, I could not find the part where Jerry and the girl are talking in the car… “Six it is.  I like six.”

Austenland is great laugh out  loud movie for me- this closing montage just gets me grinning.

Duck Dynasty. Uncle Si. Enough said. _

Something’s Got to Give with Diane Keaton had the whole theater rolling. Snorts coming from all directions. This is is funny, but I had really hoped it would include Harry in the hospital gown and it does not…

Bahahaha!!! Snort!!! Oh, my… panting.