Introducing The Journey Within

I have recently walked in to a new life experience. It is one I started to crave a year ago… I knew for the changes I wanted in my life I had to fall in love with Jesus. Like many stories in the Old Testament (usually have to do with a woman longing to have a child) the word often says “a year from now you will have…”

Almost to the the day a year later this heart’s desire, “came to pass”. I am walking in a new never before experienced level of grace and freedom. Don’t get me wrong. I was saved. But you can be saved and not walk in the full heart changing freedom of grace.

In this category (The Journey Within) I will share insights of my heart and the experience of my journey to the extend I feel free to do so in a somewhat public format. There are sweet treasures and rough roads that will be mine to carry alone for long seasons.

The bottom line is I am excited and want to testify of what is occurring daily in hopes that if it pierces the heart of one person to join me in this journey, it will be worth it. Posts may not be daily, as I need a balanced life, but as I feel prompted. Though there may be many posts at first to bring you along in the journey that brought me to this crossroads where I walked away from being my own source.

I encourage those who want to not miss a beat to subscribe and an email notice will be sent with each new post. Not all posts will have to do with The Journey Within.