Movie Input for January to March 2013

This blog is wordy, but meant to let you scroll down to the movie title and get what I think of it. There are/will be lists of movies l like so you can get a feel for my preference and how they match up to yours.

Below you will find the movies I have seen from January to March of 2013. They are in no particular order than which one came to mind first. The reviews will include the audience I believe will best enjoy the movie, any cautions I have and my own response to it where I may compare it to other movie or suggest another movie similar in nature, theme or containing one of the actors.


Olympus Has Fallen-
Action flick.
Rated R for language (lots of F-word) & violence (not gruesome).
Aimed for those who like the lone hero take down the bad guys with lots action.
Summary & Review: Good old misunderstood fellow (Gerard Butler) is called up to save the day (or nation in this case) when the White House is attacked by terrorists from North Korea (fresh not to be the mid-east). I found it to be a better action flick than Good Day to Die Hard though elements reminded me of the first Die Hard. I have recommend this to others to see and would watch it again when on DVD.


Oz the Great & Powerful-
Family based on classic book series
Rated PG (some scenes may be too intense for younger viewers- monkey attacks)
Aimed to the Wicked fans and Oz fans in general.
Summary & Review: The best part is the monkey. The movie gives that back story to the Wizard, the sister witches, the munchkins and the basic foundation to the classic movie that terrified me as a child. But not done in such a way that I feel it is a must see or brings a new depth to the old classic. My friend (Donna) who I saw it with is a Wicked fan, felt it offered no strong connection there either. And yes, I did have a “bad dream” the night I saw this- inner child issues, I am sure. I would say wait for the cheap shows or Redbox to see it. It seemed that it was set up to have a sequel, but I doubt it is made unless some studio is needing a loss. I would not go see it again in theaters or watch it again on DVD- once was enough.


Coming to terms with aging movie.
Rated PG-13 for some language and sexual innuendoes
Aimed to those who like classical music, British actors and Downton Abbey
Summary & Review: To see this movie it helps to like opera and classical music.The story centers on a retirement home for classic performers where they can continue to indulge their craft. It is directed by Dustin Hoffman and features Maggie Smith. The story starts with the arrival of Jean to Beecham House where the quartet is once again united. But will they perform at the annual fund raiser, this quartet of days gone by? Their performance would sell out the house at a higher ticket price than every before an save home from slow but sure financial ruin. It is a evenly paced movie that is fun, funny and endearing, through it is aimed at a specific audience- my husband would have been miserable thus taking way from my enjoyment. Stay for the ending credits, they are impressive. I truly enjoyed this movie, as did my friend (Linda) and the 15 or so others who attended the 9:50 a.m. Monday showing. If you like this movie and have not seen The Best Exotic Marigold, I suggest you give it a try. I would sit to watch it again if I came across it on TV or Netflex.


Safe Haven
Love story with some suspense
Rated PG-13 for some violence and intimacy
Aimed to Nicholas Sparks fans and those who like chick flicks
Summary & Review: Based on Nicholas Parks book that came out a couple of years ago. For this movie I arranged a girls night out- maybe 12 attended and all went away without disappointment. The story tells of a woman’s flight from a controlling marriage to emotionally and physically abusive husband to a new life. (The book does a great job of letting you into her life with the husband and see what she must do to get away- the movie did not have the luxury of time to build this in the same way but did a great job in the limited time given and the editing used. Highly recommend reading it.) In her new life she finds love and friendship as she discovers who she is and the strength she has within her. This movie is in line with the many Nicholas Sparks books that have been made into movies (The Notebook, Message in a Bottle, The Last Song, The Lucky One, Dear John, Nights in Rodanthe, A Walk to Remember– all worthy of reading and viewing if you like a romantic story. In all honesty, I like these movies but love the books.) There is some suspense but not in the way of Sleeping with the Enemy. I would see go see it again in theaters and would watch it again on DVD.


A Good Day to Die Hard
Rated R for language (lots of F-word) and violence
Aimed at “Die Hard” fans and those who like shoot ’em up movies
Summary & Review: The last “Die Hard” was PG-13 and I found it more enjoyable over all. This has great one liners (though some seemed to be “worked in”), loads of action, twists and turns in cars and with characters. There are some far fetched car scenes that make for great eye-candy in action film. A couple of friends and I took our husbands to see this for “Man Valentine Date” (opened on February 14 along with Safe Haven– really, which will the average male enjoy more?? Show him some love by not asking to see the latest chick flick.) followed by greasy burgers and fries… had I been able to locate chocolate cigars it would have been a perfectly themed night. It did make for a fun night- so maybe the chocolate was more about me than him. But if I were to pick between Die Hard and Olympus I would see Olympus.


Playing for Keeps
Billed as Romantic-Comedy but more a drama with some romance and a few laughs
Rated PG-13 for more serious nature of the film and some sexuality
Aimed to rom-com fans but better suited to the parents and adult children divorced or blended families.
Summary & Review: Former elite soccer player dad comes to the town where his son lives down on his luck and weeks before the mother’s wedding. There is the struggle of a man wanting to do right by his son and a mom who doesn’t want son to face disappointment again. It is a pleasant film but much less comedy than the previews would lead you to believe. It is touching. Jessica Biel and Gerard Butler play their roles with integrity. This was a girls night out move too. Probably twenty-ish women came- left feeling most were disappointed with what was expected compared to what was delivered. As the coordinator of the event I felt more responsibility and enjoyed it less than I would have with a girlfriend or two. Can’t highly recommend it, but to those I mentioned in the “aimed to”.